Children are always fascinated with trains. That’s why they also fancy train toys. And while they are just toys, electric train toys can actually contribute a lot to children’s brain development. Here’s a guide in choosing electric train toys for kids.


Buy train toys that are age appropriate. Toddlers may be amused at electric train toys, but they may not be able to enjoy to the fullest if they don’t know how to assemble it. Choose train toys according to the preference of your child.

At the age of 5, you can transition from wooden trains to electric train toys. Electric train toys can develop hand and eye coordination among kids, so they’re perfect if you’re planning to help your child develop his skills.

Track layout

Each train set comes with the basic oval track layout, but when children get a hand of their first electronic train set, an oval track will not be enough to fascinate them. You can allow them to explore different types of tracks. From the oval tracks, you can add continuous loops that you can build together with your child.

Introducing track curves of different sizes to your child will bring in some very basic ideas of geometry. This will entail them to develop their problem-solving skills when they lay out their track. 


You can start to introduce switching by adding a siding to your loops. This will be a good opportunity to teach kids additional facts about trains. Sidings are used to park a train momentarily to let other trains pass.

Time Saver Layouts

At age 11, children can easily be distracted and prone to divert interest in from one thing to another. Time saver layouts is a puzzle game that will help keep children maintain their interest in railroads. A time saver is a mini railroad layout. Switching locomotives are placed on the layout together with a number of railroad cars. Railroad cars are positioned strategically on the layout. The goal is to build your train in the shortest time.

If your child shows interest in trains, his level of commitment to building model trains will develop gradually. You can help him be creative by teaching him to include landscape design in their model trains. Once they become teenagers and they continue to show interest in trains, their interest may lead to a hobby. They will easily learn the basics of building model trains especially if they started early. It is important as parents to guide, support and encourage your children to do what they love.