In March 2014, the identity of the Bitcoin Inventor came through surprisingly. According to Bitpm, Satoshi Nakamoto was the brains behind Bitcoin, a currency worth billions. He was a guy who enjoyed toying around with model trains. Interestingly, in the end, the trains are what made him famous, not his Bitcoin invention.

According to his wife, Mitchell, Nakamoto invented Bitcoin after experiencing frustrations. Dealing with high exchange rates and exorbitant bank fees, Nakamoto had had enough. In an attempt to find a solution, he developed Bitcoin. A currency that can be used for withdrawing / spending Bitcoin across the globe.

Unfortunately, when questioned in 2014, Nakamoto said that he was no longer in charge of Bitcoin. He insisted that other people had taken over his invention, but he did not specify who.

While you would expect the man who invented Bitcoin to be a billionaire living the life of your dreams, that is not Satoshi Nakamoto. He is a simple man, and the first impression you get is of a person who has gone for some days without sleep.

After further questioning about Bitcoin, Nakamoto seemed nervous and called the police. He stated that he feared for his life, and his life would be in danger if he discussed with the reporter.

Surprisingly, the officer who showed up after getting the call did not know who Nakamoto was. The shock on his face was evident once the reporter revealed Satoshi’s identity.

Nakamoto, the man with a thrill for trains and brains sharp enough to introduce a billion-dollar currency, is a Japanese-American. He is a Samurai descendant who was born in Japan, 1949 July. Nakamoto has a humble background, and his mother brought him up as a Buddhist.

In 1959, his mother relocated to California and came with Satoshi. He studied in California and graduated at only 23 years.

For reasons best known to him, Satoshi changed his name by adding Dorian Prentice in 1973. Since then, he hasn’t used his official birth names. To date, his initials are D. S. Nakamoto, which he also uses in his signatures.

After the Bitcoin invention in 2008, the name Nakamoto was widely recognized. However, people considered it an alias for either a person or a group. After his graduation, Satoshi started working at Hughes Aircraft in Southern California.

During this time, he settled down, married, and got a son- Erick Nakamoto. His son works as a 3-D graphics and animation designer. His first marriage did not go as planned. He divorced his first wife, married a second, and had five other children with Grace Mitchell.

Ever since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, the hunt began for Nakamoto. There have been numerous theories all over the papers. He went to hiding, which he managed to be good at until he responded in a model train website forum for enthusiasts. That is when the reporters we able to track him down and visit him. Shockingly, none of his family members expected that Nakamoto could have been the brains behind Bitcoin.

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