A real layout of a train is very costly but if you cannot afford such Hosting servers, model trains for Pc Gaming will make you enjoy a similar feeling. Many games of train simulation can be accessed online on various websites. These games are easily compatible with your smart phone or personal computer.

Some are for a specific phone but you can always find the best that is compatible with the type of online you are having. Do not wonder how to spend your weekend. Find something different from your normal and this is a good option. The following are the best games to select keep you company.

Rolling line the virtual reality

This type of game requires you to put on headsets and you are set to go. Being in the cockpit virtually is very enjoyable. Come up with your own track and enjoy different trains that are available in large numbers. The railways are model in line with new technology.

The mini metro

It involves aligning the subways and lines of your train. It is associated with an iPad and it takes the shape of a map. The cities involved are over 20 in number and they are of different parts across the globe. You will test your skills with various modes of this game.

Ticket to ride usually for IOS/Android

This digital gameplay has sold over one million copies as it consists of the latest train models. Other types of maps are available if you need to change from the original location. You can play with 5 players and compete as you enjoy the game.

Tycoon 3 for PC/OSX

It is unique as it uses a 3D camera movement. You will build routes between cities so that you can deliver different goods.

The locomotives are over 70 in numbers therefore many can participate in this wonderful game.

Sid Meiers for PC/OSX

It is an improved tycoon 3 model. It features mountains and rivers, therefore, you have to lay rails in such areas. The resources involved are focused on different countries.

The rail empire for PC/PS4/XBO

It involves 40 locomotives and 30 wagons which help you enjoy such a wonderful game. These locomotives have locked therefore you have to unlock them to proceed. This is what makes the game enjoyable. You will keep trying until you unlock all wagons and locomotives for a successful play.


The above games are the best you can ever find on the internet. Look for them, register, and enjoy the adventure. The feeling will be amazing just as you were on a real train. Different models have varying features so as to break the monotony as the game continues.

Why stay at home bored while such unique and enjoyable games are available? There is no need to lose such an opportunity. Competing with other people gauges your capability in terms of accuracy and speed. Do not be left out, therefore, ensure you become a member. Many players across the globe are waiting for you to take part.

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