Recently, the world has been making considerable improvements to make places, travel, and experiences more accessible for the differently-abled. TheGaming chairs for sale companies in the past few years have made tremendous improvements in accessibility by providing step-free entrances or adding lifts to go with the footbridges – and this way, making train travel a realistic form of transport for a lot of people who use wheelchairs.

Plan Your Trips

It is recommended to plan your trips thoroughly if you’re traveling with a wheelchair user or if you’re a wheelchair user yourself.

Before you travel by train, and especially if you’re going to travel through stations in major cities, it is very helpful for you to book for help before you get to the train station. It will alert the station staff to allocate assistance for you to get on the right train via the ramp made for wheelchairs. They will also assist you in getting on to the train’s platform.

For the local train services, most times, it is not necessary to book seats in advance. This is because most of the suburban trains have spaces reserved only for users of wheelchairs. These spaces are marked outside the carriages. The staff at the stations provide assistance and advice and inform the guards where you’ll need to drop off, so they can provide assistance, too.

On trains with driver-only operations, it is extremely important to make sure that before you reach your destination, the staff there are aware of your train. This can be done by booking ahead of time via the staff at the station you’re boarding, who will then inform your destination’s train staff or through the telephone.

Be Fully Informed

As you plan your trip, be fully informed about the rules and restrictions of the trains on your route.

Some trains have a weight and size limit for mobility scooters transported by rail.

It is recommended to make sure that no engineering projects are ongoing on your travel days. Sometimes, buses or coaches are substituted instead of trains during such projects, and those are not always accommodating to wheelchairs.

If your journey is long, always book in advance. This way, you can ensure that the wheelchair spaces are not all filled up. There is also the advantage of cheaper tickets if you book in advance.

What to Do When You Reach the Station

Many of the newer stations now have windows adapted with ledges that are lower. This makes it considerably easier for users of wheelchairs to communicate with station staff in charge of the booking.

In stations without staff in charge of booking, you will find a machine for self-service instead. Many of them have been made accessible for users of wheelchairs too.

There are often guards who help off and on the trains through the wheelchair ramps, even in unstaffed train stations. Always ensure that your destination station is either staffed or step-free in case you will need help.

Some of the stations without lifts or step-free bridges have boarded or barrow crossings for wheelchairs. A staff member will be available to assist you in crossing the line safely to your platform.

Most of the modern trains have accessible toilets as well for the differently-abled. These are fitted with electronic doors that slide, as well as emergency buttons in case help is needed.

Nowadays, traveling has been made convenient for travelers on wheelchairs. However, you must also do your part to know everything regarding the matter.

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