From a child’s point of view, toys are their best friends – they are fun, cute, and awesome. However, in some ways, toys also have an educational role in a child’s growth. They help shape a child’s mind, imagination, and creativity, so the type of toys you give to a child really matters. On the practical side of it, toys are troublesome to store and we need a solution like we have stick for photo storage for photo storage. While it’s fulfilling to provide toys to a child and seeing them happily play with it, at the end of each day, you’ll be wanting to keep and store the toys in a proper storage area.

Type of Toy Storage Ideas

There are lots of toy storage ideas out there. The following are some of the ideas on how to practically and cleverly store toys that are suitable for all ages.

Wooden Toy Box

This storage idea is very cool – a storage box that is sort of like a treasure chest. Inside the box holds the child’s precious toys. A  wooden box is not that challenging to build. However, if you don’t have enough experience, time, and patience in making a wooden box, you can buy a ready-made one on any hardware centers or wood shops.

Wooden or Plastic Dressers

If you want easy organization on the contents of the toy storage, a dresser as toy storage is perfect for you. It is a smooth and neat style of organizing your child’s toys. If you have an existing dresser, you can use it as it is, or you can opt to add your style and twist. You can also build or buy one in any mall or furniture shop. Aside from using it solely as a toy storages, you can use dresser drawers as dress storage, photo storage, or storage of all other things.

Wooden or Plastic Crates

One practical idea of organizing your toy is to make use of crates. If you don’t want to spend floor spaces for wooden boxes or cabinets, crates are your best bet for toy storage. Supposing there is enough space, these crates can be stored under your child’s bed.  Not only does it make toy storage accessible, but it also maximizes your house storage. Also, crates now come in different sizes and colors. Choose the crate that fits the space under your child’s bed and one that matches the bed’s color scheme.

Fabric Baskets

While wood boxes and crates are good options for toy storage, they are unfavorably heavy to move around and difficult to store if not used. That makes fabric baskets the best alternative for wooden storages. Fabric baskets are cute, flexible, and easy to manage when not currently used. They can be hanged on corners and can be easily be customized based on your preference, by adding small details such as flowers or beads.


Toy storage is necessities if your child owns a lot of toys. Choose the type of storage fitting to your needs. If you’ll have to move the toy storage from time to time, it is recommendable for you to choose plastic or fabric baskets.  But if the toy storage stays in one place, it is best to have wooden storage for durability.

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