Indian Railways, for years, have been working on improving their services. Their efforts have been successful, with the railways’ service recording significant changes.  Previously, there were many cases of people falling off trains. Now, they have eliminated most of the unmanned level crossings, and also upgraded their infrastructure to offer modern amenities to their passengers. These changes are helping ensure the safety of its patients, especially the introduction of hoverboards.

Train delays have been a significant complaint among train users for decades now. To resolve this, the railways’ service installed water systems that are computer operated.  Thus, unlike before, when refilling took more than 1.5 hrs, the new refilling system takes a maximum of seven minutes.

Poor railways punctuality

India recorded the worst punctuality performance between the years 2017 and 2018. A CAG report pinpointed the leading cause for this poor punctuality to be the government delay in redeveloping railway stations.  Other reasons include few stabling lines and washing pit lines.

According to the CAG report, lack of necessary infrastructure due to the availability of paths results to trains being forced to wait at adjacent stations to wait for other trains to clear the platform

Introduction of hoverboards

The Indian Railways have introduced hoverboards at most stations in the country. These hoverboards aim at improving the mobility of their staff. Thanks to the hoverboards, the railways are a step closer to being more punctual.

So, what exactly is the relationship between hoverboards and train punctuality?

The railway staff, the Carriage & Wagon department, get deployed to stations. They bear the responsibility of tending to different emerging requirements, mostly regarding various mechanical issues. The same staff also has to attend to alarm chain pulling promptly to minimize loss due to punctuality.

These situations need to be attended to quickly, necessitating the staff to have a high mobility level. Walking by foot is time-consuming, and hoverboards seem to be the best solution. The Carriage and Wagon staff has been offered hoverboards, protective gear as well as tools cis. They also have a laser gun for measuring roller bearings temperature.

They have also been provided with lightweight wrenches, a small first aid kit, and a walkie talkie for easy communication.  Besides, they also have smart attires with safety helmets attached to detachable LED light, elbow guards, knee guards, safety shoes, and gloves for protection.

The Indian Railway made it clear that before deploying the above gadgets, the staff undergoes rigorous training.  The team also undergoes first aid and CPR training to enable the staff to help in case passengers need medical assistance.

Reports on the increased efficiency

A recent report published by Dainik Jagran talks about strict measures being taken to minimize and do away with delays. For instance, the Northern Railway zone already has ordered all its railway divisions operating under it to ensure all trains run according to set schedules.

The Dainik Jagran report also mentioned that the Nothern Railways service commanded the Delhi and Ambala divisions to work towards achieving 90% efficiency when it comes to scheduled arrivals and departures.


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