In the advent of modern technology, a lot of games nowadays are now using the internet so that their users can communicate and play with other players online. Because of this, many gamers and ASHosting companies have thought to invest and create their very own games.

However, these online multiplayer games require a thing called server host. Luckily, there are a lot of server hosting providers in the gaming market today, so to know where to hire the best gaming server hosting provider, we must first figure out how to choose the provider that suits you best.


  • Make certain that the host supports the game you are planning to host.
  • Always see to it that the game server type can support the number of players that you are planning.
  • Know if they are offering DDoS protection.
  • Always check their customer reviews.
  • Never go for a free gaming hosting provider.
  • Always choose a server nearest with the location of the players.


Now that you know how to choose the best gaming hosting provider, you can now focus on where to hire the best host provider that suits the game you are planning to host. There are some alternatives to how you can find or hire the best gaming server hosting providers.

You can hire gaming server hosts directly on the internet.

By just browsing the internet, you can access a wide selection of gaming server host providers with just one click. This is the most cost-effective way to canvass on which gaming host provider is currently the best.

Before hiring the game server provider, you must always check their customer reviews to verify if they really are one of the best if not the best.

As mentioned above, most host providers have their very own websites where you can view their features, capabilities, compatibilities, and the capacity of their hosting. Upon viewing their websites, you can assess whether or not that hosting provider is the one for you. Below are the top 5 best gaming hosting providers with their websites as of 2019.

  • Host Havoc (
  • Vodoo Servers (
  • Streamline Servers (
  • Extra VM (
  • Beast Node (

You can hire gaming server hosts by directly visiting their office.

The best gaming server host companies have their own offices and branches to different countries or states depending on where they are based.

Directly visiting their office gives plenty of advantages to prospect customers. Customers can ask representatives from that certain company to elaborate more the product that they are selling.

Some companies even offer a demo of their product to ensure customers that they are hiring the best gaming server.

You can hire gaming servers through their agents/sales representatives.

Agents or sales representatives are available for customers to inquire or to even apply for their desired plans and packages that the gaming hosting provider is offering. This marketing strategy is very common with the best gaming server providers because these companies have the resources and the budget to implement this kind of advertising technique.

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