Rail transportation work may seem exciting because of the prospect of free travel. Some workers ride the train for weeks traveling through different cities or even countries. Sounds cool, right? But, what most of us don’t notice is the hazard the occupation brings. The work environment is constantly moving and everything has to work perfectly. One mistake can cause fatal accidents, not only to the workers but most especially to the passengers. That is why you see rail workers wearing orange custom t shirts with reflectors because safety is their number one priority.

These are some of the reasons why orange high visibility t-shirts are required for rail workers:

Rail Transport Operations Rely Heavily on Signals

Rail workers consist of engineers, conductors, yardmasters and yard employees. Engineers are the ones responsible for the entire operation. They make sure the trains are in perfect operating condition. The conductors are the ones who maintain communication among yardmasters, traffic controllers, and train drivers, and the yardmasters are the ones who manage the yard employees – the people who work on the ground, either doing maintenance work, loading and unloading cargoes, or switching tracks. Imagine how these people communicate. They don’t shout to their fellow workers, fifty miles far, just to send a message. They use signals.

Working Condition Outdoor is Unpredictable

Working outdoors can be demanding because of the constant change happening around. The weather, for example, can obscure visibility on the environment at any moment. Snow, rain, and fog are some of the common issues rail workers experience on the job and working under these conditions can be downright dangerous. Also, one reason why orange is the color of choice is because most maintenance work happens in the countryside and orange highly contrasts a green environment.

Accidents can Happen Everywhere and Anytime

Derailment or collision can happen anytime. Rail workers are on a constant lookout to prevent this from happening. They need to know and see everything that is happening on the rail. There are instances where a train jumps off the tracks. On worst case scenarios, there are trains that meet on the same track due to miscommunication. Determining the location of every employee on the ground is important to the officers can make sure that every part of the operation is being monitored.

Since coordination is the key to the entire rail transport operation, it is vital that everybody is visible; either a yard employee on the ground doing maintenance work, or an officer in the traffic control room, or a driver operating the train, it has to be easy for them to identify their fellow workers so they can keep up in a fast-paced and constantly changing work environment. Most importantly, since rail workers are the ones who ensure safety among train riders, it is just essential that their safety is taken care of. They can’t just wear any kinds of t-shirts they want because, at the end of the day, the trains they operate don’t only carry goods, they carry people; transporting them to their work, homes, and families.

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