There are many programs that can help you prepare the layout of your railway. One of the most common software is the Model Railroad Software.

You can use the model railroad software using two types of programs; the model railroad track planning software and the computer simulation programs.

The choice of software depends on how long you stay logged in the computer and the projected goals for your model.

The model railroad software gives you an idea of how the railroad operates by allowing you to build and run the trains virtually. The virtual trains are run on computerized layouts.

The railroad track planning software provides you with the opportunity to design a basic plan when you are short of time to build an actual railroad model. The track planning software helps you to know the materials you will need to build an actual railroad model and how much those materials will cost you.

The complexity of the different railroad software varies. Some models have simple designs, and they are simple to use. They also don’t take long to set up and start using. Other railroad software has complicated designs that take long to master and use. The programs are powerful with high-quality graphics. They are, however, worth it. They keep you off sections of model tracks when building and operating your railroad model.

Other Types of Programs

Track planning software; The tracking planning software is an easy railroad software programs to use. You can download it as freeware from It will cost you zero dollars too. The track planning software is easy to master, and it’s a great choice if you are looking to design a simple layout.

Anyrail; this is also an easy program that you can use to build your railroad model. It is compatible with windows vista, 2000, and Windows XP. You can download it from

Railmodeller; available on the website. It is an easy program to use on your Mac PC.

Train player; affords you the chance to get 100-plus track plans that are already designed. You can use the track plans to design your railroad model. Download train player from

RR track; if you are looking for an easy program to use for sectional tracks, the RR track is a great pick. It has a 3d view and allows you to view both the terrain and the track plan at the same time.

Trainz; Trainz is developed by Auran, and you can download it from their website. Provides several choices of details and graphics to help you operate your railroad model. It is available on every platform such as PCs, Mac, and even the iPad.

Microsoft train simulator; this is one of the complex programs. It is ideal for someone who is an expert in computer-assisted designs. Microsoft train simulator has several add-ons that can help you to run trains through various locations and sceneries.

Other types of programs include Cadrail, 3rD Plan-It, 3D Railroad: Concept and Design.

Download demo versions if they are available to practice with first before buying the actual software. It is also highly recommended that you make sure that you download the programs from credible sources. You might download malware and viruses that might damage your PC. You will need a computer repair service provider at that point to save your computer from crashing.

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