Possession and usage of cannabis, or most widely known as weed or marijuana, has been made legal by a number of states in the United States and even to several countries already. These states include Oregon, California, Alaska, Colorado, Washington, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine. Marijuana or marijuana products such as CBD oil, smoked marijuana leaves, or even marijuana gums are readily available. The availability of this drug is comparable as if you are just buying soft drinks at the supermarket.

Because of its availability, a lot of people who use marijuana regularly want to travel with it wherever place they want to visit. Even if marijuana is considered legal in the states as mentioned above, almost all sheriffs consider possession of marijuana as illegal since federal laws state so.

Having marijuana with you is much easier when you ride a train. It is because of the sole reason that train security is less strict when compared to airport securities and inspection. Almost all train stations do not even have an x-ray machine to scan your belongings when you happen to ride them. But, you can never be too vigilant when in possession of marijuana.

A certain individual made the initiative of asking a few experts in regards to travel while possessing marijuana. Below are a few bits of advice and guides he can give you if you want to travel with weed:

Inquire from the TSA (Transportation Security Administration)

When compared to airport TSAs, TSAs within train stations are far less meticulous and strict. All TSAs have identical basic principles when arresting lawbreakers. These principles are based on federal law and made firstly to sense security threats. Specifically, searching for illegal drugs are not the usual activity of TSA officers, but if they happen to discover you with marijuana, even if you are in a state where marijuana is legal, TSA officers will assess the situation base on the current constitution and determine how to advance.

Inquire from the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency)

Like the TSAs, drug enforcement agents implement and follow the federal laws. However, these agents are not focusing on catching and apprehending casual drug users since their main targets are the huge drug cartels, organizations, and laboratories. One agent advised users to tolerate their hobbies. For instance, one drug user buys contrabands he could not afford to pay. This buyer ends up being a courier for drug pushers to manipulate for them to pay the debt they consciously admitted.

To add, these agents will surely arrest you if you’ve been caught in possession with marijuana in states where it is illegal no matter when your mode of transportation is.

Inquire from an Expert of Marijuana Policies

Robert Mikos is one of the leading experts regarding marijuana policies. He advised that if you are in possession of small amounts of marijuana and you chose to travel via trains, you shouldn’t worry. As long as you are able to follow the rules and laws of that specific state, you are in no danger of getting arrested. Moreover, you shouldn’t be on the drug watch list of the DEA if you want your travels to be smooth and carefree.

Inquire from a Massive User

They say that experience is the best teacher, so it is highly advisable to inquire from a user who regularly travels with weed in their possession. You should only put your substances like CBD oil in places where police do not expect you to put them like a med pouch or kit. These people have never been suspected of traveling with weed with them.

In conclusion, you can safely travel with marijuana as long as you travel to states where marijuana is legalized. In addition, you must only bring small amounts to avoid getting suspected as a pusher or seller. Abiding from these tips and guides will surely be a great help when you travel with weed.

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