Finding the right place for your model train is a big challenge as you need to set your goals for the size of your model and fit the model to the available space. However, if you keep an open mind and set your heart to creating train models, you will find the best places to build a model railroad. It could be around the home or in the garden.


For some, access and headroom may be an issue if you build model trains in the attic. But for most hobbyists, a wide space in the attic is a good place to build model trains. In addition to headroom and accessibility, you should also consider the following:

Warm Temperature

The attic is definitely the hottest place in your house. Humidity does not affect the trains, but it affects the railroads.

Layout Essentials

The attic in your house is probably unfinished, meaning the electrical wiring and sockets, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are not installed. Checking these essentials is important before starting to build your model train.

Spare Bedroom

A spare bedroom is the most convenient place to build model trains in your house. You do not have to worry about unfinished layout essentials and accessibility. You can build your model train comfortably since you can easily move around in the bedroom.

However, when using a spare bedroom to build model trains, there is always a possibility that the room will be converted back to a bedroom. It is nice if you can think of model trains that can be converted to furniture.


A vacant garage can be used in building model trains. In some instances, modelers can even fit their model trains together with their cars. Ventilation and air conditioning issues can easily be installed, but having a large garage door can be an issue.

Living Room

Model trains are beautiful artworks, so a display of your model trains in your living area can be a beautiful art decoration. After you have cleaned up your construction mess, you will appreciate the beauty of your model train.


Similar to the attic, building model trains in the basement can be challenging. However, your basement will most likely have a large amount of space, so it’s the perfect spot for your model trains.

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