Building scale models is a unique hobby that only the creative and patient individual can ever enjoy doing. Even as working adults, these individuals spend their money and a significant amount of time creating dioramas and miniatures instead of watching Onn TV review before buying TVs or game consoles. One of the most popular intricate scale modelings is making a model railway.

Factors That Affects The Model’s Perfection

As much as you can, the more you make the model similar to the original, the more it becomes impressive. However, there has to be a balanced mixture of being creative and technical. Here are the aspects you have to consider to build a perfect model railway:

  • References

If you have a photographic memory, then you’ll be having fewer problems. However, most people do not have such gifts, and scale model enthusiasts must rely on pictures to recreate such scenarios on a miniature scale.

If you plan to create a model railway from the 1950’s era or even older, you will have to rely on pictures. Sometimes, you need to recreate the scenarios using the clues you found to this day, such as remnants or landscapes, if the old photos are insufficient. Modern railways are easy to recreate as miniatures due to the abundance of references.

  • Paint Selections

The colors illustrate life. In reality, the colors you see in modern TV are the actual colors in real life, yet the actual colors in a 1950’s movie are not black-and-white only. But if you mimic a 1950’s scenario, you may want to add some touch to make it look old.

Railway involves the moving train and rocky terrain. Therefore, it only fits to provide colors that present a withering effect. The environment can have many things going on with just a proper selection of colors.

  • Details

Since it is a railway, the presence of humans makes it more interactive. Details have to be observed from the faces, the fashion of that era, the posters on the train stations, the landmarks until the news printed on miniature newspapers. The details make it like the scenario is being observed at that exact era from a heavenly deity’s point of view.

Current Projects As Examples

If you have a hard time in constructing your dream miniature model railway, then check out these perfect railway projects as inspirations:

  • Alloa Station

The 1:76 scale, 34-foot long creation of the Scottish Region Study Group, is based in Glasgow, Scotland. It was set in the 1960s and took five years to build and was created from scratch with old photos and plans as references. It was deemed perfect and even obtained multiple awards since its exhibition debut in 2008.

  • New Brayford Station

This railway model is made by Mick Bryan. It is also an amazingly famous work but will be having its last appearance in a UK miniature railway exhibition.

  • Larbert Station

This is an ongoing project by the Scottish Region Study Group that stretches about 40 feet. It already has 18 months of work allotted, and still more years are needed to achieve perfection. It may be unfinished, but it is already expected to be perfect.


Building a perfect scale model of a railway is such an excellent task, even for a talented person. It can consume countless hours, and that is why patience and skill are the utmost requirements to achieve perfection.

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