Traditional phone systems are no longer the best for Two-Factor verification and businesses. In recent years landlines have become inconvenient, expensive, and rigid. Thus, each business needs to think of modernizing its operations by installing modern business phone systems. Having a dependable phone system makes you have a competitive advantage over other businesses. It promotes proper communication, reduced costs, and streamlined operations. Some reliable business systems include multiline telephone systems and PBX.

Multiline Telephone System

With a multiline telephone system, you just need an answering machine, office and a receptionist. This kind of a phone system, helps you link with the other 10 office numbers separating them by extension. Thus, when a customer calls the central phone number the receptionist forwards the call to the responsible person through his line.

Multiline dependability

The simplicity that comes with multiline telephone systems makes them cheaper compared to PBX systems. With multiline, each office has its phone number and must be tailored with a central phone number. However, if the central phone number is busy, and another caller may be on the line, he is usually directed to leave a voicemail. This kind of phone system is best suited for small businesses. However, based on the type of business, multiline phones are fitted with the option of rollover. Rollover calling is a situation where if the central line is busy, the customers calling gets to be directed to the next phone numbers on the systems which might not be busy. In case you are running a business that offers customer service, this is just the best for you because customer calls will be forwarded to the next available agent if the mainline is busy.

Phone branch exchange telephone system (PBX)

With Phone branch exchange (PBX), the process of forwarding calls is automatic where customers are provided with a prerecorded message, directing them to dial an extension. If you have a big business this is what to go for, since it gives you a chance to keep adding more lines. Moreover, this phone system is fitted with a digital system that can forward multiple calls across many departments.

PBX Dependability

PBX systems are complex as compared to multiline telephones. You must also be ready to bear the difficulty you are likely to face when trying to install this system. However, PBX systems come with great benefits for your business. Moreover, they are reliable and the services they offer cannot be matched with multiline phone numbers. PBX systems direct customers using an electronic message. The systems provide callers with dialing options and together with the menu. Customers have the chance to dial the extension in the course of the message.

PBX system offers great advantages to your employees since they don’t have to keep moving from one office to another. It gives them a chance to call the central office number and ask to be redirected to the other employee they want to speak to. Colleagues in the office can reach each other using the extensions used by customers as well.

Difference between a Multiline and a PBX

With multiline, you will need each office to have its phone number while with PBX, only a single phone number is used to make calls in an office, where all signals are sent to the central phone number which has personalized phone extensions.


I am sure this information was important to you. Now the ball is on your side: to assess your business and decided between the two business systems. Don’t be left behind by other entrepreneurs and businesses.

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