The railway series is a story about the adventure of the online special characters namely Thomas, Edward, Emily, Toby, Percy, Duck, Henry, James, Oliver, and Donald &Douglas.  The Railway Series is an adventure book in go tieng viet where the popular TV show Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends is based. They are not only popular on TV but they have been known as online special characters popular among kids. Let us get to know the main characters of The Railway Series.


Wheel arrangement: 0-6-0

Engine: Tank engine

Train Class: LB&SCR E2

Color: Blue with red highlights

Thomas the Tank Engine is the main character of The Railway Series.  Thomas is the No.1 train in the North Western Railway Armada because he is smart when it comes to the fundamental lines of the railway.

He is a somewhat saucy, yet kind and a clever train; he finishes his work without complaining, and he is always confident that he will be able to perform his tasks well.


Wheel arrangement: 4-4-0

Engine: Tender engine

Train Class: LMS Class 2P

Color: Blue with red lining

Edward the Blue Engine is easygoing and kind, he always lends a helping hand to a friend in need. The younger trains go to him in times of need and distress. He will always find time to listen to his friends’ problems, and he gives them wise advice too.

He has earned respect from the small trains because he always makes sure that he gets a job done. He may be slow and old fashioned, but he is very reliable when it comes to accomplishing tasks.


Wheel arrangement:  4-2-2

Engine: Tender engine

Train Class: G3 Stirling Single

Color:  Emerald Green with yellow highlights and brass fitting

Emily the Stirling Engine is best described as compassionate. She never fails to show kindness to others. She is sensitive towards the feelings of other people, and she easily humbles herself if she felt she has offended someone.


Wheel arrangement:  0-4-0

Engine: Steam tram engine

Train Class: GER Class C53 0-6-0T

Color:  Brown and blue

Toby is an old machine, but he is very wise and diligent. He knows the ins and outs of running a branch line. He also knows the different techniques in controlling the trucks.


Wheel arrangement:  0-4-0

Engine: Saddle tank engine

Train Class:  GWR No. 1340 Trojan

Color:  Green with red stripes

Percy the Small Engine is full of humor and wit. Percy is one of the best-behaved engines in The Railway Series, but he always put himself in trouble because he wants to involve himself in every situation without thinking.


Wheel arrangement:  0-6-0

Engine: Pannier tank engine

Train Class:  GWR 5700 Class

Color:  Great Western green

Duck’s real name is Montague; he prefers to be called Duck because other engines say that he waddles but not literally. Duck is very serious about his tasks, and he does not allow inappropriate suggestions from other engines. He has gained the respect of other engines because he is always efficient competent.


Wheel arrangement:  4-6-0

Engine:  Tender engine

Train Class:   LMS Stanier Class 5

Color:  Green with red stripes

Henry the Green Engine is friendly, but sometimes, he tends to be arrogant. He is also very dedicated to his work, but his health is becoming a hindrance to his work performance. His illnesses are always associated with his boiler.


Wheel arrangement:  2-6-0

Engine: Tender engine

Train Class:   L&YR Class 28

Color:  Red with gold stripes

James the Red Engine thoughts that he is above anyone among the engines in The Railway Series; he is a proud and self-centered engine who does not think of the feelings of others before talking.


Wheel arrangement:  0-4-2T

Engine:  Tank engine

Train Class:   GWR 1400 Class

Color:  Green

Oliver the Western Engine is always willing to learn. His desire to learn new things is admirable. He is resourceful and adventurous.

Donald & Douglas

Wheel arrangement:  0-6-0

Engine: Tender engine

Train Class:  Caledonian Railway 812 Class

Color:  Blue and gray

Donald & Douglas are twins; they are practical but proud. They are level-headed and mature. They find time to enjoy work by playing practical jokes and impersonation.


The characters of The Railway Series will teach young and adult viewers about life. Each character depicts real-life personalities and traits that we will come across at some in our lives.

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