A lot of people opt not to use fabric paints to color their fabric because doing this leaves a sort of texture. In order to handle this issue, a lot of people paint their fabric with dye or watercolor instead so that they don’t get that texture they don’t want. According to useful reference, it’s not that easy to do Printing with Dye. But it can be done if you have the know-how and the right materials. Here’s how you do it:

Get the Right Materials

The first thing that you have to do is get fiber-reactive dyes. These ones are pretty good at putting thick color onto textures For thin coatings, you may want to use Procion dye which is a diluted dye. Along with this, we recommend that you buy some sodium alginate and soda ash to refine the way. Later on, we’ll teach you how to use it along with your dye.

Another option is to paint on fabrics that don’t have textures such as silk, cotton, or rayon. This what others usually do if they don’t want to buy all the materials for coating.

Mixing the Colors

Now that you have some of the materials you need, let’s start mixing the colors to form the colors that you want. The most basic mix will come from three colors: yellow, cyan, and magenta. These are the most basic colors that you can mix together. You can also try different shades of these colors such as navy blue, black, orange, or turquoise.

What if the mix you made is a little bit too dark for your liking? In this case, you might be tempted to put in more white to get the color lighter. However, refrain from doing this as you may end up with a different color. Instead, dilute your mix with more water so that it becomes lighter.

Thicken the Paint

Sometimes, you may want to make the paint thicker so that the color will be fuller. That’s where you’ll bring in the sodium alginate. Mixing it with the paint will thicken it. The thickness that you want to achieve will depend on how much sodium alginate you put in. The alternative to that is to use soda ash. You can mix the soda ash with the dye right before you use it.

Wash Your Fabric

Before you apply the dye, you need to make sure you wash your fabric. This is crucial in making sure that the dye sinks into the clothing. It also ensures that the dye won’t stick to any dirt on the cloth.

Paint Your Fabric

Now that you have your dye ready, the only thing you need to do is apply the dye on your fabric. We recommend that you completely stretch the fabric while applying the dye. You can apply the dye in the same manner that you’d paint watercolor.


This is the easiest way to paint or print dye on to your fabric without having the texture of the fabric. Sure it may take a little more effort than usual, but it’s worth it once you see the end product.

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