Looking to download a good mobile game to accompany you on your train travels? If you are, then check out this list of four highly-immersive mobile games to help you kill boredom on the go. Discover highly addictive games such as the Rise of Kingdoms and make train travel more fun rather than exhaustive.

Subway Surfers

If you are up for a fun-filled action, the Subway Surfers is among the top mobile games you should try out. Subway Surfer is another running game alongside Temple Run, which has both become a hit in mobile stores.

To play this game, you have to run on the subway tracks and collect coins and various power-ups on your way. However, what makes this game exciting is the grumpy inspector and the dog where you both have to dodge in order to keep up with this endless running game.

Subway Surfers is available at the App Store and Google Play.


If you are not fond of very fast-paced games, and if you want something a little bit more laid back but still highly enjoyable, Lexathon is worth checking out.

Lexathon is a highly addictive word game that will help you kill boredom on the go. Lexathon includes over 100,000 puzzles that will surely challenge your cognitive abilities.

To play this game, you have to figure out all the possible words with the jumbled letters. This game is time-bound, so you have to think quickly and make as many possible words within a span of time. Once you think you’ve already given all the words possible, tap the Give Up button to maximize your score.

Lexathon is available at Google Play.

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

If you are into games that will bring out your inner strategic abilities, this game is going to be your best friend when traveling on the train.

The game Rise of Kingdoms gives you the experience of becoming the author of your own kingdom’s civilization history. You can become a pioneer in exploring the unknown or use your power and dedicate yourself to helping your people. Get ready to launch epic battles by using remarkable tactics and call upon troops of historical figures to act as your honorable commanders.

Furthermore, here is a list of this mobile game’s top of the line features that will surely give you a great gaming experience:

  • Expedition Mode
  • Infinite Zoom
  • Espionage
  • Scouting
  • 3D Character Models
  • Kingdom Progression
  • The civilization of Specific Cities
  • Impressive Graphics
  • Android and IOS Compatible


Another more laid back yet highly interesting mobile game to keep you busy on the go is the game called “Room.”

This mobile game brings you in a room wherein your main mission is to open a locked safe. The game also involves extremely challenging puzzles that will lead you to the opening of the safe. The Room also involves a creepy ambiance, which makes it even more fascinating and will definitely keep you playing for hours.

Room is available at Google Play and the App Store.

Most people find the amount of time to reach their destinations exhaustive. While there is a handful of stuff you can do while on the go, why not make it more enjoyable by playing those mobile games mentioned above.

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